Junio 15,2017
5 Fantastic Things To Do In Valle De Guadalupe

5 Fantastic Things To Do In Valle De Guadalupe

Valle de Guadalupe is best known as the land of Mexican wine. In recent years it has transformed into a haven for foodies and travelers who enjoy living well. Amid all the gastronomic highlights, don’t miss the great outdoor activities. The stark contrast—barren mountains and bountiful seas—create a memorable backdrop to enjoy your well-deserved vacation. 

Here are 5 out-of-the-ordinary activities for you. Because we know that you like adventure.  

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Foto: SH go

1. Rappel in the Canyons of El Salto de Santa Rosa

15 minutes from Ensenada, along the ‘free’ road to Tijuana, there is a ranch that guards the entrance to marvelous canyons and waterfalls. For 50 pesos, you can leave your car behind and begin your adventure. It begins with a 2 kilometer hike to the point where you begin to rappel. After some practice runs, begin the real route down, which consists of five or six rappelling segments, and at the bottom if it’s rained recently, a lagoon.


Alejandro Solis Moran

The cost depends on the size of the group. For a group of 5-10 people it is 600 pesos. Call to inquire about smaller groups.  

SH go

Telephone: +5216461973984

They also have other hikes. Ask about them.


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2. Breakfast in Doña Esthela’s kitchen in Valle de Guadalupe

Doña Esthela Martínez wakes at dawn to prepare bread, barbacoa, and coffee—all so well that she was awarded Most Delicious Breakfast in the World in 2015 by the British magazine Foodhub. Today, you have to get there early to beat the crowd and taste her delicacies. She opens for business at 8:30 a.m.

Address: Ranchos San Marcos, El Porvenir, Ejido San Marcos, B.C., México

Hours: Open from Tuesday to Sunday 8 am to 6 pm

Closed Mondays (and holidays).

Telephone: +526461568453

GPS: 32.019138, -116.663551



Foto: Bárbara Rubio

3. Kayak in La Bufadora

To the south of Ensenada, at Punta Banda, we find this natural phenomenon: seawater rushes through rock formations and shoots 30 meters into the air. It’s one of the best known destinations in the region but few know that you can also admire the view from the sea. There is a tour where you rappel down the rocks and later kayak into position that we recommend highly. Especially in the afternoons.


Alejandro Solís Morán

Price not including transportation: 550 pesos

Minimum group size: 6 people.

If there are fewer, get in touch with them and ask about the price.

SH go

Telephone: +5216461973984


surf ensenada.jpeg

4. Surf at Playa de San Miguel

For wave lovers, Valle de Guadalupe has a lot to offer. There is the famous Mortal wave on the island of Todos Santos, where they hold annual international surfing tournaments. There are also many beaches such as Playa Hermosa and Playa Tres M that attract surfers from all over the world to enjoy the Mexican sea. If you need a board or some tips for your first time out we recommend that you speak with Surf Ensenada.


Telephone: +5216461940846


Foto: Adixiontour

5. Balloon trip over the Valle de Guadalupe

For those who prefer to do their exploring in the sky, a hot-air balloon trip is an excellent option that combines the feeling of being in nature, incredible views, a little adrenaline, and some great wine.

The tours go out every day and include: 

- Hot-air balloon trip

- Aerial exploration of Valle de Guadalupe

- A bottle of wine and snacks

- Transportation from the take-off and landing zones.

Cost for 4 people: $150 USD p/person during the week and $168 USD p/person on weekends.

Cost for 2 people: $400 USD p/person during the week and $480 USD p/person on weekends.  





*Certified guide by ICAN (International Center of Adventure and Nature) and the Secretary of Tourism.


Foto de portada: Bárbara Rubio.

Artículo: Mariana Courtney


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